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At PROearth we are solutions driven and open to do projects on the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model.

How we like to do it

The problems in contemporary construction include buildings that are behind schedule and over budget as well as adverse relations among the owner, professional team and contractor. Using ideas developed by Toyota in their Toyota Production System and computer technology advances;the integrated project delivery method is designed to solve these key construction problems. The new focus in IPD is the final value created for the owner, the finished building. Rather than each participant focusing exclusively on their part of construction without considering the implications on the whole process, the IPD method brings all participants together early with collaborative incentives to maximize value for the owner. This collaborative approach allows informed decision making early in the project where the most value can be created. The close collaboration eliminates a great deal of waste in the design, and allows data sharing directly between the design and construction team eliminating a large barrier to increased productivity in construction.

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