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Our Team

PROearth Overview

Our name PROearth and our logo symbolises the progression from un-processed, natural, sometimes un-kept ground to perfect symmetrical engineered lines. Emphasising our drive to PROfessionalism, PROactiveness and environmental & communal PROtection.
Our heritage, our roots and our people are from Africa. Africa provides our sustainability and we will contribute to Africa’s and specifically to South Africa’s sustainability through our business, our values & vision.

VISION We add value to our clients, our employees and our communities.

MISSION to execute our contracts safe, on time, within budget and to specifications.

VALUES Passion is our fuel which drives us to perform our duties with a positive attitude.
Honesty is our map that guides us on the right path in upholding our ethics in decision-making
Quality and Professionalism is the oil that keeps the engine going to continuously provide an industry leading service.
Compassion, mentorship, fairness and consistency (in dealing with people) are the main drivers that provides a supportive environment to grow and develop people.
Relationships, trust and respect is our destination.

OUR PEOPLE At PROearth people are our most important asset and investing in them, their families and their communities is the foundation on which we build success.

PROearth - Earthwork Solutions - Let us move your earth!